1033 LESO DoD Excess Property




Apply to Participate and Annual Update for Current Participants

  • Application and Annual Update
  • State Plan of Operation

  • Application paperwork is required annually and whenever a participating agency's Chief Law Enforcement Official changes.

  • All letters and agreements must be signed by the current Chief Law Enforcement Official. (Sheriff, Police Chief, Chief Marshal, Director, etc.)

General Information

Instructions and Tip Sheets


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Annual Report


In the News

Public Affairs

  • Media inquiries for the Colorado State Patrol should be directed to the on-call Public Information Officer within the Public Affairs Section
    • (303) 239-4583
  • The headquarters for Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Disposition Services is located in the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center in Battle Creek, Michigan. Additional sites are located around the world.
    • News media contact information: DLA Disposition Services (Public Affairs) Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center, 74 Washington Ave Battle Creek, MI 49037
    • (269) 961-7015

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