Services We Provide


When originally legislated in 1935, the Colorado State Patrol was created to

…promote safety, protect human life and preserve the highways of this state by the courteous and strict enforcement of the laws and regulations of this state relating to highways and the traffic on such highways.” (CRS 24-33.5-201) The Colorado State Patrol has evolved over the last 75 years into a multifaceted and complex law enforcement agency. Through the dedication of our members, past and present, and our high level of professional service and industry-leading technical competence, the CSP has held strong to our traditions while taking on new and challenging law enforcement missions.

From our modest beginnings as a “Courtesy Patrol,” charged with enforcing vehicle laws and providing protection to the governor, the CSP has transformed and diversified into a multitude of public safety specialties. In addition to our expertise in traffic safety, we are also leading the state in areas such as: commercial motor vehicle enforcement, hazardous materials routing and rule making, specialized enforcement, aviation, homeland security, communications, immigration enforcement, investigative services, dignitary protection, infrastructure protection, criminal interdiction, research and development, legislative advisement, education, and more. The CSP continues to be a proven leader in providing exceptional public safety services in all endeavors.