Struck-By Incident Reduction

We're on a mission to reduce Struck-By Incidents

Each year dozens of first responders and roadside workers are struck while trying to make their communities safer. Despite slow down move over laws in all 50 states, fewer than 30% of Americans know these laws and far too many motorists fail to abide by them causing great risk to tow truck operators, mobile mechanics, firefighters, EMS personnel and law enforcement officers. These are the same people you want to be there when you are in an emergency situation on the roadway.

In 2022 alone, our nation saw numerous struck-by incidents involving roadway workers and first responders. Most startling is the fact that law enforcement officers accounted for 17 out of the 50 recorded deaths.

Traffic incidents are the number one cause of death for police officers and EMS responders nationwide (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In 2022, 50 emergency responders who were working on the roadway were struck and killed (Responder Safety). 

  • 17 law enforcement officers
  • 17 tow truck operators
  • Four road service Technicians
  • One DOT and safety service patrol operators
  • 11 firefighters and EMS personnel

In the history of the Colorado State Patrol, our agency has lost 11 troopers who have been struck by passing motorists - that is 11 too many lives lost to this completely avoidable issue. 

In our work over the past two years, we have made a concerted effort to consistently increase our messaging about the Slow Down, Move Over law to keep this important information top-of-mind for all of Colorado's motorists, whether they be residents, or out-of-state guests who are just passing through. 

So, when you see a first responder or a fellow motorist stopped on the side of the road or in a lane, Slow Down. And, if the lane further away from that vehicle is open, Move Over. The law is simple, and it’s up to All of us to drive with care. 

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