Smuggling and Trafficking Interdiction


Colorado State Patrol’s Smuggling and Trafficking Interdiction Unit (STIS) addresses the issues of Human Smuggling and Human Trafficking in Colorado, on our highways and in areas of our state where the potential of Human Trafficking exists. The Smuggling and Trafficking Interdiction Unit is dedicated to helping the CSP achieve the goals and objectives of the Senate Bills 206 and 207, which made these crimes felonies.

The STIS Unit also focuses on criminal interdiction of smuggling humans, drugs and all other contraband found on our highways. Working with local partners, the team uses its knowledge and training to reduce the amount of illegal drugs, weapons and even fraudulent documents being brought into Colorado. They actively work to locate criminal organizations smuggling humans across the borders of Colorado as well as across the nation. Working with federal partners, they build cases to investigate and prosecute members of the smuggling criminal trade.

STIS also works with local non-government organizations (NGOs) to find resources and assistance for victims of Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling. The STIS Unit also works closely with Federal partners: FBI, Customs and Homeland Security Investigations to identify perpetrators of these crimes. Together, they are able to share case information and form teams to apprehend suspects, locate and identify victims and on occasion, discover other criminal activity involved within the criminal/suspects social circles.

Links to some of our NGO Partners are below. Please research Human Trafficking and learn about the world-wide battle we are fighting right here in Colorado: