Executive Security

The Executive Security Unit (ESU) is a special unit of the Colorado State Patrol that has existed since the State Patrol was created in 1935. The unit consist of troopers, civilian security guards and a command center work force. The ESU provides 24-hour security at the State Capitol complex and at the Governor's Residence. In addition, the unit provides transportation and security for the Governor and the First Family.

Because ESU has unique responsibilities beyond those of typical State Patrol personnel, ESU troopers have received specialized training in dignitary protection, bomb detection, and critical incident management from agencies such as the FBI, the US State Department and the US Secret Service.

The ESU Bicycle Patrol

In 2000, a six-person bicycle patrol was created. The bicycles are used to patrol the Capitol complex and Veterans' Park. Bicycles offer some unique advantages in such locations -- they allow quicker response times as they have greater access to smaller areas where Patrol cars are unable to reach.