Special Events


Colorado State Patrol’s Special Events Unit (SEU) is responsible for the permitting of special events which occur outside of a municipality and may impact a state highway. The Patrol Act, specifically section 24-33.5-226, directs the Colorado State Patrol in its special event permitting responsibilities. The team’s main objective in permitting events is to ensure the safety of both event participants and the motoring public. Colorado State Patrol is required by state law to, as much as possible; reduce the impacts of special events on surrounding communities. The Colorado State Patrol also coordinates all special event road closures in conjunction with the Colorado Department of Transportation.

A special event can be an athletic activity, parade, concert, festival, photography, or filming. Any activity which may cause a significant impact to traffic on a state highway will require a Special Event Permit issued by this office. An application for a special event permit should be submitted in the early planning stages of the event. SEU considers many factors when reviewing a special event application. For example, will a road closure be necessary? Is the event adjacent to or on the state highway? Will traffic control devices be required? Will law enforcement services be needed? Does the event need an engineered traffic plan?

Colorado State Troopers are responsible for special events affecting state highways outside of municipalities even if the event occurs within a municipality. Traffic direction on a state highway must be supervised or conducted by a State Trooper. The Colorado State Patrol reserves the right to deny a special event permit to any applicant who fails to successfully complete any and all application processes required by permitting agencies.

Per CDPHE during these COVID times, written approval from local health directors is imperative for approval of events. They are given authority to set their own guidelines and standards around events and public gatherings. Hence, many have restrictions that go beyond the state's recommendations. Guidance would need to be accessed on a county-by-county basis.


Email your completed application to specop_events@state.co.us.

Captain John Trentini, Unit Commander
15055 S. Golden Road
Golden, CO 80401