Port of Entry Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a CDL?

For quick reference look at the CDL Flow Chart.

Chain Law Information

Visit the Colorado Chain Law Information website.

Do vehicles plated with farm plates coming from out of state have to pay fuel tax?

Yes or have IFTA (if vehicle qualifies for IFTA). Refer to the IFTA requirements.

If I have an Oversize load do I have 30 minutes after sunset to put on my required lighting for hours of darkness?

No. Oversize loads must have proper lighting on and working at the exact time of sunset. This also applies to having lights on and working until exact time of sunrise. If permit says that the load cannot travel in hours of darkness then they must not start until sunrise exactly or shut down before sunrise exactly.

What is the legal height limit for Colorado?

Colorado's legal height is 14 feet, 6 inches and less where designated by CDOT.

Road Conditions

Visit cotrip.org.

Do I have to stop at the Port of Entry?

Visit the Vehicles Required to Clear the Port of Entry for more information.

Where can I buy a trip permit?

Refer to any port of entry locations. For information regarding cost and duration refer to the Permits and Forms.

How do I get a Oversize/Overweight Permit?

Annual and Single-trip permits should be purchased through CDOT before entering the state, but a Port of Entry may be able to assist in the acquisition of permits. Single-trip permits as well as annual permits can be purchased from Colorado Department of Transportation.

Safety questions, logbooks, vehicle, etc..?

For driver-related questions refer to Resources for Drivers. For vehicle-related questions and regulations refer to Resources for Vehicles.

Visit the Motor Carrier Safety page for more information

Is it ok for oversize loads to travel in snow?

Oversize/Overweight Loads are Prohibited from Travel when hazardous conditions exist. Hazardous Conditions include SNOW, ICE, MUD, ROCKS, WIND and REDUCED VISIBILITY. No Oversize Movement is EVER allowed where the Chain Law is in Effect. More information is in Section 405 of the Hazards in the CDOT rules and regulations.

Do I need a to get a Specific Ownership Tax Permit or SMM for my equipment?

Go to the Permits and Forms section and click on the SMM tab to get information.