Permits and Forms


72 Hour Laden Weight Trip Permits

If a commercial vehicle requiring apportionment is not apportioned for Colorado but occasionally does business here, a Laden Weight permit should be purchased at the first port facility or be purchased in advance by contacting a port facility by phone or e-mail. These permits are valid for 72 hours. The operator may make as many trips in, out, or through the state as necessary within 72 hours. Unregistered vehicles must purchase a Laden Weight permit before entering the state.

Permit Fees:

  • GVW is 10,001 - 30,000  $60.00
  • GVW is 30,001 - 60,000  $70.00
  • GVW is 60,000 - legal max. $80.00
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Requirements

Vehicles Subject to IFTA:

  • Single unit with 2 axles and gross weight or registered weight greater than 26,000 lbs.
  • Single unit having 3 or more axles regardless of weight.
  • Combination unit when gross combination weight (GVW) or the registered weight (GVWR) is over 26,000 lbs.

Temporary IFTA permit obtainable at every Port of Entry location.

Special Mobile Machinery (SMM)

Special Mobile Machinery (SMM) is any type of machinery that is pulled, hauled, or driven over a highway. It may be a vehicle or equipment that is not designed primarily for the transportation of persons or cargo over the public highways. This includes vehicles originally designed for the transportation of persons or cargo that have been redesigned by the addition of mounted equipment or machinery that are only incidentally operated on public highways.

Special Mobile Machinery includes vehicles commonly used in the construction, maintenance, and repairs of roadways, the drilling of wells, and the digging of ditches, backhoes, pumps, and excavators. To qualify for SMM, mounted equipment must be over 500 lbs. Any SMM is required to be registered as soon as it goes to work in a for-hire capacity in the State of Colorado.  This can be done 3 different ways:

SMM Registration

  • Required if the SMM will be here longer than 11 months. Registration must be obtained at the Department of Motor Vehicles in the county where the SMM will be located.

Specific Ownership Tax Permit (SOT)

  • This is a temporary permit for SMM that allows the machinery to work in Colorado for a minimum of 2 months but not longer than 11 months. Can be obtained at any Port of Entry.

Ad Valorem Taxation

  • If the SMM is used solely on company property, the company may provide documentation that property taxes have been paid by presenting the Certificate of Ad Valorem Taxation.

If SMM equipment is contacted at a Port of Entry and there is no proof of registration or taxation it will be detained until proof is presented.

Access the SOT application form.

Colorado Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Permit

A Colorado HAZMAT Permit is required for any vehicle carrying a placardable amount of hazardous material. If the vehicle is not permitted then a temporary HAZMAT Permit must be purchased from a Port of Entry for $25. The temporary permit is valid for only the specified load, including its residue after delivery, or for 72 hours, whichever comes first

Passenger Mile Tax Permit

Colorado law requires payment of passenger mile tax when vehicles with a seating capacity of more than fourteen carry passengers for compensation, either intrastate or interstate. Vehicles that regularly travel in Colorado may set up a Passenger Mile Tax account for an annual permit. A vehicle carrying passengers that is registered in another state, and makes an occasional trip into Colorado, is allowed to pay the tax on a single trip basis. The fee shall be $25, or the actual tax, whichever is greater. The formula used to calculate the tax is $0.001 multiplied by number of passengers multiplied by number of Colorado miles. Temporary permits may be obtained at any Port of Entry.

Annual permits may be obtained online here

Colorado Over Size and Over Weight Permits

The Colorado Department of Transportation issues different types of permits including: 

  • Annual Oversize/Overweight Permit
  • Annual Oversize only Permit
  • Single trip Oversize/Overweight Permit
  • Annual Two/Three Axle Divisible Load Permit
  • Annual Quad Axle Divisible Load Permit
  • Chapter 6 Special Permit
  • Longer Vehicle Combination Permit(LVC)

Permits must be purchased before bringing a Oversize/Overweight load into the state.

The link featured below provides the Rules and Regulations and how to obtain a Permit for moving extra legal vehicles and loads through Colorado:

CDOT Oversize/Overweight Permit information

Special Revocable Permit (SRP)

Special Revocable Permits are available to eligible companies operating a regularly scheduled route within 5 road miles of a port. Applications must be submitted to the Colorado State Patrol, Port of Entry section.  If a permit is issued, it relieves the permit holder of the requirement to clear the specified Port of Entry, subject to the conditions of the permit. To obtain a Special Revocable Permit please visit the CDOT permitting website and click on the Special Revocable Permit link. You will have to have a COOPR user account to apply for the permit.

Harvest Permits

Farm trucks or tractors exempt from apportioned registration fees may purchase a temporary commercial registration solely for agricultural harvest operations in Colorado. The permit is valid for 60 days; a maximum of 2 temporary permits may be used for a motor vehicle in a 12 month period.

60-Day Harvest Permits:

  • Single unit (2 axles)-$80
  • Single unit (3 or more axles)-$120
  • Combination Unit (any number of axles)-$200


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