Size and Weight Information

Vehicle Weight Limits


Interstate (I-70, I-25, I-76)


Single Axle Limit

20,000 lbs

20,000 lbs

Tandem Axle Limit

36,000 lbs

40,000 lbs

Gross Weight Limit

80,000 lbs (Subject to Federal Bridge Weight Formula)

85,000 lbs (Subject to State Bridge Weight Formula)

Note: Triple Axles (or more) do not have a defined limit but the vehicle(s) still cannot exceed gross weight limits.

Gross Weight: The maximum gross weight is determined by finding the maximum bridge weight for the unit or combination that can be found here:

For more information and for the definitions of axles go to the following link:

For Dimension Limits go to the following link:

For Length limits go to the following link:

For Oversize/Overweight Information go to the following link:


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