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Inexperienced Behind the Wheel

(COLO) – Drivers build habits over time; the question is, will those habits be hazardous? After earning a driver’s license, it can be natural to relax a little behind the wheel, yet one of the most critical phases is beginning. This is when a person begins to increase the frequency of driving, traveling new routes, and as a result, encountering more road hazards, including changing weather.

Colorado State Patrol Invests in Intervention Training

(COLORADO) – The Colorado State Patrol is proud to announce a partnership with the Georgetown University Law Center for Innovations in Community Safety (CICS) to implement the Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) project. The Colorado State Patrol began training sworn members on May 23, 2023, and will have 100% of sworn members trained by the end of September 2023. 

Autumn Motorcycle Riding

(Colorado) – With only a few weeks left of riding weather, a trip to Colorado’s Western Slope may be on your list. Fall is an incredible time to get out on your bike to experience the beauty of changing seasons. In 2022, Colorado State troopers investigated 168 injury and fatal crashes involving a motorcycle on just the state’s western slope. In addition to lack of experience riding, two other significant contributing factors were found in fatal motorcycle crashes around the state: speed and impairment.

Colorado State Patrol Academy Now Includes Virtual Reality Training

(GOLDEN, COLO.) – Virtual Reality goggles and body-worn sensors are helping cadets going through the Colorado State Patrol Academy take their skills to a new level. Colorado State Patrol launched an immersive virtual reality training tool called “Apex Officer” in May 2022, with two cadet classes now having experienced this advanced technology training.

Summer Season Requires People to Share the Roads

(COLO) – Heading into the final weeks of summer, the Colorado State Patrol is sending a stern reminder to motorists and pedestrians that roadways are often more congested during warmer months with longer daylight hours. Looking at Colorado State Patrol crash data from 2022, injury and fatal crashes involving pedestrians increased dramatically in July, with the peak months being August and September.

Sightseeing While Super Cruising in CO

(Colorado) – If you are taking a trip to Colorado’s Western Slope, the Rocky Mountains showcase some of the most amazing scenery. While viewing the natural landscapes and wildlife can be part of the fun as you head to your final destination, the Colorado State Patrol wants drivers to pull off at scenic overlooks and rest stops instead of driving while distracted or parking on the shoulder of the road.



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