Press Release

CSP Conducts Statewide Operation to Stop Distracted Driving

(COLORADO) – Mesa County – Over the past three years fatal and injury crashes have significantly increased across Colorado and throughout the US. In 2022, Colorado lost 745 lives to traffic fatalities, the most roadway deaths in the state since 1981. Many of these crashes are caused by simple distractions. Whether your distraction is a cell phone, a tasty bite to eat or even other passengers; that distraction is definitely not worth a life.

Possible Relief for Recent Victims of Catalytic Converter Theft

(Colorado) - Catalytic converter theft has impacted the livelihood of many individuals across the State of Colorado that rely on their vehicles for activities that include getting to and from work and supporting their families. The impacts of catalytic converter theft often include temporary loss of a vehicle until repairs are made, replacement and installation costs of the catalytic converters, and potential effects on insurance rates.

Aggressive Driving Can Cost A Fortune, Or A Life

Colorado - Aggressive driving can cost a motorist thousands of dollars with deductibles, fines and medical bills, and the Colorado State Patrol is urging drivers to be aware and drive safely while on Colorado roadways. 

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average claim for bodily injury after a collision was $20,235.00 in 2020 while the average property damage claim was $4,711.00. Crashes generally cost more than the minimum limits. In addition, according to AAA, insurance rates go up by an average of 24% after an accident.

Becoming Better Pedestrians

(COLO) – Sharing the roads means sharing the responsibility. Since all of us are pedestrians from time to time, it’s important to avoid becoming complacent about traffic rules put in place for our safety. Last year (2022) Colorado State Patrol saw a 13.5% increase in pedestrian-involved crashes over 2021. 

Colorado Reported over 31K Road Rage Drivers in 2022

(COLO) – Since the *CSP (*277) program was implemented in July 1998, Colorado motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians have reported thousands of “real-time” aggressive drivers and suspected DUI drivers. Last year, the Colorado State Patrol’s *CSP calls for aggressive drivers surpassed calls regarding suspected impairment.

In 2022, Colorado State Patrol emergency dispatchers answered 57,899 total *CSP calls with 54% (31,760) related to road rage or aggressive driving. Aggressive driving reports through *CSP were up approximately 4.5% over 2021 (30, 347 road rage reports in 2021).

Motorists Weigh in on Direction of Desired Traffic Enforcement

(COLO) – In October 2022, the Colorado State Patrol opened its biennial public opinion survey to ask members of the community “how are we doing”. The purpose of the online survey was to receive direct feedback from motorists and community members to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in Patrol services and calls for support. The survey also asks how people feel about traveling on Colorado’s highways as well as about the professionalism, fairness and communication provided by Colorado State Patrol members.