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Colorado Doesn’t Brake for Kids or Work Zones

(COLO) – School zones and construction zones have lower speed limits, traffic calming devices and a number of high-visibility warning devices for drivers for good reason. Kids' and roadside workers' lives are at-risk. Yet when looking at data from the Colorado State Patrol over a three-year period (2019- 2021), troopers cited 9,643 people for speeding in a construction or school zones.

Troopers Warn of Dangerous Conditions for Drivers as Snowstorm Moves Across the State

Colorado is in for additional snowstorms this week with the first storm, anticipated to be the largest, beginning tonight for the front range and eastern plains and continuing throughout tomorrow. The Colorado State Patrol is asking travelers across most of the state to stay home Wednesday, if possible, during this next round of inclement weather.

If travel is unavoidable, take time before the storm begins to ensure your vehicle is properly equipped.  

When Road Etiquette Goes Out the Window

(COLO) – Colorado roadways see heavy volume every season throughout the year, which only underscores the importance of sharing the road and following simple rules. Yet, based on data from the Colorado State Patrol (2019 – August 2022), aggressive driving is the top reason drivers commit lane violations  - with the only exception being inexperience behind the wheel. Lane violations have proven to be particularly deadly and were deemed the top causal factor for injury and fatal crashes investigated by Colorado State Troopers in 2022.

Plan Ahead This New Year’s Eve

(COLO) – Drive sober. It sounds obvious, yet hundreds of Coloradoans will get behind the wheel of a vehicle this weekend feeling buzzed, stoned or wasted. No matter what the substance is that impairs you, Colorado State Troopers are sending a message.  Laws don’t care how you “feel” after you’ve consumed. Any time that you are impaired, you are violating the law.

So, this year, while you search for a babysitter or select the best outfit to wear to ring in the New Year, your Colorado State Troopers want you to arrange for a sober ride if you plan on consuming.

Driving for the Holidays? Plan for Frigid Storm in the Forecast

(COLO) – As Coloradoans brace themselves for tumbling temperatures anticipated for tomorrow, many motorists may want to consider adjusting travel plans if they were heading out Wednesday evening or Thursday. For those committed to driving during this timeframe, the Colorado State Patrol wants to emphasize the importance of winterizing their vehicle, checking their route and bringing an emergency car kit!

Stuck in Reverse: Dangerous Driving Behaviors Continue to Rise

(COLO) – In 2021 the alarm bells sounded when Colorado hit a 20-year high in traffic fatalities with 672 deaths. Yet the crash fatality picture has not improved for the State in 2022. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation this past weekend Colorado hit 700 deaths and troopers know this number will continue to grow until motorists change their risky behaviors.

Super Cruising in Snow and Ice

(Colorado) – If the winter wonderland of the Rocky Mountains is calling your name – whether its time to hit the ski slopes, take your snowmobile out for a ride or just seek a quiet space surrounded by the beauty of the season - it’s important to remember the dangers of navigating the region’s snow packed and icy roadways.