Statutes and Rules

Key topics covered under statute and rule include:  routing, permitting, designated emergency response authority, reimbursement, and so forth.  

Colorado Revised Statutes - Transportation of Hazardous and Nuclear Materials:

Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 42, Article 20, Parts 1 through 5 are called the "Hazardous Materials Transportation Act of 1987".  This statute established the Hazardous Materials Section of the Colorado State Patrol.  Because of the length of the document, it is easier to use search functions to access details within these extensive statutes.  Please go to the Colorado Secretary of State's website in order to access the newest version of the statutes.  A guide has been created to expedite the search process.

Colorado Revised Statutes - Designated Emergency Response Authority (DERA)

Colorado Revised Statutes 29-22-102

Colorado Revised Statutes - Permits:

Colorado Revised Statutes 42-20-201 - Haz Mat Permit

Colorado Revised Statutes 42-20-202 - Haz Mat Permit Fee

Colorado Revised Statutes 42-20-501 - Nuc Mat Permit

Colorado Revised Statutes 42-20-502 - Nuc Mat Permit Fee

Code of Colorado Regulations

8 CCR 1507-25: Rules and Regulations Concerning the Permitting, Routing & Transportation of Hazardous and Nuclear Materials and the Intrastate Transportation of Agricultural Products in the State of Colorado

8 CCR 1507-22: Rules and Regulations Concerning Claims for Reimbursement for the Costs of Handling Hazardous Substance Incidents

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