Civilian Tips:

If you wish to submit a confidential tip concerning a suspicious incident or unusual activity concerning Homeland Security, which does not require an immediate response by law enforcement, please send your information to the Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC) by using the following link: http://dhsem.state.co.us/prevention-security/ciac or call 1-877-509-CIAC (2422).

If you wish to report a suspicious incident or unusual activity that may be related to Homeland Security that requires an immediate police response, contact your local law enforcement agency by dialing 9-1-1.

Suspicious Activity Reporting Frequently Asked Questions:

For more information about reporting suspicious activity, click here to be directed to our FAQ page.

Law Enforcement Tips:

The CIAC strives to provide the most current, relevant, and operationally useful information available to state and local agencies aimed at the protection of our citizens.

We solicit your participation in the information sharing effort.

Please consider the information you collect on a daily basis. Ask yourself if that information may be useful to other agencies, jurisdictions, or authorities within our state. Is it possible that suspicious or criminal activity in your area may apply to other geographic areas? May there be other agencies that would benefit from this information to support their operations or to improve their safety?

The CIAC provides a central point of contact for such information. While we publish regular reports of general interest to our customers, we also work directly with specific local authorities on specific cases, many of which have a multi-jurisdictional dimension. Consider us a part of your team.

Law enforcement agencies are encouraged to submit suspicious activity to the CIAC at http://dhsem.state.co.us/prevention-security/ciac

We invite you to contact us directly so we may serve you better:

877-509-CIAC (2422) CIAC 24-hour Main Number or by E-Mail at cdps_ciac@state.co.us.