Vitalant and Colorado State Patrol Team up for Virtual Blood Drive

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COLORADO - Donations of blood often see a sharp decline in the winter months and the COVID-19 epidemic has complicated things further, canceling many blood donation events across our state. But the need for donations is still there.  That is why the Colorado State Patrol is teaming up with Vitalant to hold a virtual blood drive throughout the month of February.  But: how can you donate blood virtually?

It's simple!.  By visiting the link below, you can sign up to receive an invitation. The best part, you get to pick the location and time that works best for you! Using the same email address, you can "schedule now" to book an appointment at any convenient blood donation location.  Remember your photo ID and eat a healthy meal before donating! 

By participating this way, the donation is recorded as part of this special Colorado State Patrol drive.  Vitalant will test all successful donations for Covid-19 antibodies.  A single donation has the ability to save up to three lives!  On behalf of the Colorado State Patrol: we thank you for your willingness to help in this life-saving cause.