Troopers Want You to Stay in Your Lane and Out of Crosswalks (update)

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(COLO) – In a contest between a vehicle vs a pedestrian or a vehicle vs. a bike, there is no debate about who has the greatest chance of survival. Yet, when the Colorado State Patrol looked at their citation data over a three-year period (2019-2021), they saw that 2021 had the highest year of citations related to pedestrians and bicycles.

“We’re headed in the wrong direction Colorado,” stated Col. Matthew C. Packard, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol. “No matter if you are walking to your mailbox or going on a multi-mile bike ride. This is everyone’s issue because sooner or later everyone is a pedestrian.”

Between 2019 – 2021 troopers issued 21 citations for motorists driving through or within a pedestrian safety zone. In 63 additional incidents over this same time period, they issued citations for motorists failing to give pedestrians and bicyclists the right of way in a crosswalk, bicycle lane or on a sidewalk as they emerged from an alley/driveway or building. Combining all citations together over this three-year period, Colorado motorists were issued 40% of those in 2021.

“Our data shows that during warmer months and congested times like the lunch hour through 8 p.m. crashes involving a pedestrian or bicyclist are much more likely,” explained Col. Packard. “Whether driving downtown, through your neighborhood or around popular areas, people need to stay alert while staying out of crosswalks and bike lanes.”

Colorado State Troopers are taking a low-tolerance approach to lane violations while continuing their yearlong campaign called “Stay in Your Lane.”  This campaign is designed to remind people to control their lane position based on their current driving environment. As simple as it sounds to stay centered in a lane, the Colorado State Patrol issued over 14,600 people citations last year.

The issue of failing to yield to pedestrians and bicyclists is a wide-reaching issue for Colorado communities. When trying to determine the top five counties for these citations, there was a five-county tie for third place. The ranking is in descending order.

  1. Jefferson
  2. Adams
  3. Eagle, Chaffee, Mesa, Boulder and Weld
  4. Teller
  5. Montezuma

The top county for injury and fatal crashes investigated by the Colorado State Patrol involving a pedestrian or bicycle was Jefferson County. Over a three-year period, Jefferson County’s pedestrian/bicycle vs. vehicle crash rate was double that of the second highest county, Adams County.


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