The Solution is Easy: Just Drive

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(COLO) –It’s easy to forget the excitement of earning your license, yet becoming complacent behind the wheel can increase the distractions. There is no “routine” drive for anyone. Other motorists, construction zones, poor weather, and pedestrians can create hazards on a driver’s route, and motorists may frequently need to adjust their speed or lane position.

“Last year, troopers investigated 566 serious injury or fatal crashes in Colorado due to a distracted driver,” stated Col. Matthew C. Packard, chief of the Colorado State Patrol. “Driving should never come second to any other task in the car. The solution is easy: just drive.”

When looking at 2023 crash data from the Colorado State Patrol, troopers found that distracted driving incidents were the highest in summer months (July, June, and August); however, every month had dozens of incidents. In addition, while every age category was reflected in these crashes, the 22-29 year old and 30-39 year old age groups tied for the highest number.

The top five counties for “inattentive to driving” crashes investigated by the Colorado State Patrol were:

1)  Adams

2)  Douglas

3)  El Paso

4)  Jefferson

5)  Larimer

driver looking at a cell phone

Remember, we are all out on the roads together. There’s no lane reserved for you, so you can drive distracted safely. Make driving your primary focus and arrive safely at your destination.


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