Insurance Requirements (FMCSR Part 387)


Related Federal Regulations

Minimum insurance requirements for property carrying vehicles can be found in Part 387.9 of the FMCSRs.  A flow chart is also provided in the "Related Forms and Publications" section of this page to help determine the minimum insurance requirements.

Minimum insurance requirements for passenger carrying vehicles can be found in Part 387.33 of the FMCSRs.

  • Certain types of operations such as school busses, taxicab services and commuter vans may be exempt from these requirements.  Exemptions can be found in Part 387.27 of the FMCSRs.

Intrastate Commerce Exemptions

Colorado Adoptions (42-4-235(4)(a) C.R.S.)

Applies only to carriers operating within Colorado (intrastate commerce)

Parts 387.1 through 387.17, 387.303, 387.305 and 387.309 shall apply with the following exceptions:

  • 49 CFR 387.7(e) and (g) shall not apply.
  • 49 CFR 387.9 (4) applies only to interstate and foreign commerce.
  • Transportation carriers may obtain a certificate of self insurance issued pursuant to § 42-7-501, C.R.S., or part 387 of 49 CFR.
  • Motor carriers subject to these rules shall carry a minimum level of cargo liability coverage of $10,000 for loss or damage to property carried on any one motor vehicle or an amount adequate to cover the value of the property being transported, whichever is less, unless the shipper and the property carrier otherwise agree by written contract to a lesser amount.