Flow Studies

CSP Hazardous Materials Flow Study Initiative

While exercising the police powers of the state for the purpose of protecting the health, peace, safety and welfare of the state’s citizenry, the Colorado Legislature enacted §42-20-101, et seq, C.R.S., and declared that the permitting and routing of motor vehicles transporting hazardous materials (HAZMAT) was a matter of statewide concern and was affected with a public interest.


§42-20-108, C.R.S. , authorizes the Chief of the CSP to promulgate rules and regulations for the permitting, routing and safe transportation of HAZMAT by motor vehicles within the State of Colorado. To fulfill its responsibilities, the CSP must maintain an ability to determine continuously the kinds of HAZMAT being transported on roadways within the state. Among others, that information is useful in 1) informing communities, government officials and the general public regarding Colorado’s HAZMAT freight specifics on a statewide, regional and corridor-specific basis, and 2) defining the equipment and training needs of technical, operational and first responders.


Such information is also important to ability of local communities to fulfill their responsibilities as Designated Emergency Response Authorities (DERAs) as set forth in §29-22-101, et seq, C.R.S., and under the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA), 42 U. S. C., 11001, et seq.


Accordingly, the CSP has developed a HAZMAT flow study process for use on the following routes of interest:

  1. Joint CSP/Local venues: where the CSP and local concerns overlap.
  2. CSP venues: locations bearing characteristics of unique concern to the CSP.
  3. Local venues: locations bearing characteristics of unique local concern.

Though the process is generally applied to 24 hour surveys, it can be readily applied to longer survey periods. The process has also been designed to be user friendly and require a minimal expenditure of materiel and personnel resources. All data collected during the surveys is available to the public.

The surveys are available by contacting the Captain John Hahn, Hazardous Materials Section, john.hahn@state.co.us, (303) 273-1985.


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