About CSP Comm Centers

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The mission of the Colorado State Patrol Communication Branch is to provide a professional communications system for all members of the Colorado State Patrol, other agencies and the citizens of Colorado. This will be accomplished by prompt, efficient and accurate dissemination of information related to activities of officer safety, public interest and protection.

Communications have come a long way since the State Patrol was created in 1935. There were no radios in the patrol cars and all dispatching was done by telephone. In order to notify a Patrol Officer of a call, the dispatcher would contact citizens at checkpoints throughout the state and within the officer's assigned area. These citizens would turn on a light or raise a flag to alert the officer that a call was pending and to contact dispatch.

Today, communications are much more sophisticated as a result of advancing technology: Computer Aided Dispatching, scanning police radios, and Mobile Data Computers. Future communication systems will include computer screens that will have the ability to track individual patrol cars.

Regional Communication Centers

The Colorado State Patrol employs civilians to manage the five regional communication centers located throughout the state. The regional communication centers dispatch for multiple federal, state, and local government agencies. An example of the agencies served includes the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Division of Wildlife, Colorado Department of Transportation, and State Parks. In addition, some centers provide services to local police, sheriff, and emergency medical services.

There are five Regional Communication Centers: Alamosa, Craig, Denver, Montrose, and Pueblo. If you wish to apply for a position with CSP Communications, please apply for the location where you wish to work.

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