State Patrol Cadet/Trooper Examination Process

The Colorado Constitution and the Department of Personnel outline strict processes and procedures which must be followed to fill jobs at the Colorado State Patrol. The Colorado State Patrol and Department of Public Safety Human Resources Staff are committed to providing selection and examination processes that are appropriate for the position, as well as identifying “top notch” candidates.

There are several different phases in the hiring process for the Colorado State Patrol Cadet that can take up to one year to process, primarily due to the number of candidates who apply.

Application:  You may submit an online employment application, before the closing date of the announcement, by visiting the State of Colorado's online application website at CoJobs.  An HR Analyst will review your online application against the state's minimum qualifications (MQ's) for the job and the Preferred Qualifications (PQ's) for the job.  After review of MQ's/PQ's you may potentially be invited to test.  You must have an official invitation from Human Resources in order to be admitted into the testing facility.  This comes shortly after your application is approved via email.  Please make sure you check your inbox, including your spam folder, for correspondence from us.

Colorado State Patrol Applications are currently CLOSED. 
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You will receive an email with CSP Hiring Information and Tips.

Minimum Qualifications PHASE:  After you have been qualified by an HR Analyst, eligible applicants will be invited to the first exam phase (see below.)  Each phase of the process below is numerically scored.  Only those who meet or exceed the pass points for each examination phase will continue on into the remaining phases of the process.  We have a few preparation material options.  Following is a link to our standard (online) study guide. The other options are listed below on the same webpage. 

EXAMINATION PROCESS (this process is subject to change:)

  1. Schedule online written exam December 28, 2020, through January 8, 2021.  (You will receive a link from Human Resources to schedule the online written exam.)  The online written exam will be January 11, 2021, through January 22, 2021.
    • Minimum Requirements for taking the test online:
      • You will be required to have two devices on the day of the test.
        • ​Mobile smartphone or tablet.  The GoToMeeting application will be used as the video/audio ap for the IOS Test Proctor to monitor and communicate with you during the exam.
        • Desktop or laptop PC running Windows 7 or later.  The IOS Testing application will be downloaded to this device in order for you to take the exam.  Macs and Chromebooks are NOT compatible with the IOS Testing application.
      • You will be required to download the GoToMeeting application on a mobile device.
      • You will be required to download the IOS Testing application on a desktop or laptop PC.
      • Review the Test Security Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement.  This document will be sent to you by Human Resources.  You must read and agree to the terms presented in this document prior to scheduling your examination.
    • Schedule your test.  A link to schedule the online exam will be available December 28, 2020, through January 8, 2021.  This link will be sent to you by Human Resources.  Check your spam/junk e-mail folders.
      • You will have up until 72 hours prior to your test date to schedule your exam.
      • A confirmation e-mail will be sent once you have schedule your online exam.  This e-mail will confirm the date and time of your test administration, as well as provide you with a Candidate Guide to assist you in downloading all necessary software.  ***The confirmation e-mail contains important information regarding set-up for your test administration.  If you do not receive this e-mail after scheduling your test, please contact IOS immediately.***
      • Use the Candidate Guide included in your confirmation e-mail, to follow the step-by-step instructions for downloading the GoToMeeting and IOS Testing applications*.
        • *You will be provided login credentials from the proctor on the day of your test.  You will NOT have access to the IOS Testing applicaton prior to your test date.
      • You will receive a second e-mail 24 hours prior to your test administration containing your GoToMeeting access information.  If you do not receive this e-mail, contact IOS immediately.
      • The test you will be taking is the National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory-Squared (NCJOSI2.)  The NCJOSI2 contains 200 items and is split into two sections.  Secion 1 consists of 80 cognitive ability items.  Section II contain 120 behavioral-orientation items.  You will two and a half hours (2 1/2 hours) to complete the NCJOSI2.
  2. Comprehensive Background Investigation:  This step is an investigation and face-to-face and/or online interview with a CSP Background Professional who will look into compiling criminal records, commercial records, financial records, reference checks and much more.  A post polygraph background will be conducted as part of the comprehensive background package in every evaluation after the polygraph step.
  3. Polygraph Examination: This step includes a complete and thorough polygraph conducted by certified professional State Patrol uniformed member or their designee: this could also be a qualified vendor.  Candidates will answer a series of examiner's questions that will measure physiological data to include a post polygraph background summary.  The post polygraph summary conducted by CSP will wrap up the comprehensive background package.
  4. Appointing Authority Structured Application Review Board:   A panel of Lieutenant Colonels and Majors from the Colorado State Patrol will review the candidate's entire file and any documents attached to a candidate profile to provide independent ratings. These Appointing Authorities will use the written exam scores and any additional reports to evaluate the candidate's overall merit including values, beliefs and outlook based on the totality of the applicant file up to this point.  Only the top group of applicants selected from the Appointing Authority Structured Application Review Board will move forward to the Oral Board Interviews.
  5. Oral Board Interviews:  A panel consisting of at least one Major, at least two other Commissioned Officers from the Colorado State Patrol and possibly other Subject Matter Experts will interview you personally for the position.  The panel will provide independent ratings during your 15 to 25-minute oral board interview.  The questions are not shared and are behavioral-based.  There could be anywhere from six to 10 questions.  Candidates will be required to travel to Golden, Colorado for the interview.  Those candidates selected in the top group may be provided with a conditional job offer and are required to complete post conditional offer testing (below.)  At this phase of the process is where Human Resources will add qualifying veterans’ preference points for those who have submitted their Military-issued DD214 timely.



  1. Psychological Inventory Assessment and Interview;
  1. 10-panel pre-employment drug testing;
  1. Self Service/Certified Medical Clearance Essential Functions (candidate's own physician) CSP Form 705A.