Examination Process


There are several phases in the hiring process for Colorado State Patrol Cadets that can take up to one year to process, primarily due to the number of candidates who apply.

Application: You may submit an online employment application, before the closing date of the announcement, by visiting the State of Colorado's online application website at CoJobs. A Human Resources (HR) Analyst will review your online application against the state's Minimum Qualifications (MQs) for the job and the Preferred Qualifications (PQs). After review of MQs and PQs, you may potentially be invited to test. Be sure to frequently check your email inbox including your junk/spam folder for correspondence from us regarding next steps, as an official invitation from Human Resources must be provided to move forward.

Minimum Qualifications Phase: After you have been qualified by a HR analyst, eligible applicants will be invited to the first exam phase (see below). This step includes a complete and thorough polygraph conducted by a Certified Professional Polygraph Examiner. Only those who meet or exceed the pass points for each examination phase will continue on into the remaining phases of the process. We have a few preparation material options. Following is a link to our standard (online) study guide. The other options are listed below on the same webpage.

Examination Process

This process is subject to change.

  1. Schedule online written exam - You will receive a link from HR to schedule the online written exam. Minimum Requirements for taking the test online:
    • Schedule your test - A link to schedule the online exam will be sent to you by HR. Check your spam/junk e-mail folders.
  2. Comprehensive Background Investigation – This step is an investigation and face-to-face and/or online interview with a CSP Background Professional who will look into compiling criminal records, commercial records, financial records, reference checks and much more.
  3. Polygraph Examination - This step includes a complete and thorough polygraph conducted by certified professional State Patrol uniformed member or their designee. Candidates will answer a series of examiner's questions that will measure physiological data to include a post polygraph background summary.
  4. Appointing Authority Structured Application Review Board - A panel of Majors from the Colorado State Patrol will review the candidate's entire file and any documents attached to a candidate profile to provide independent ratings. Only the top group of applicants selected from the Appointing Authority Structured Application Review Board will move forward to the Oral Board Interviews.
  5. Oral Interviews - A panel consisting of members at various levels of the Colorado State Patrol possibly other Subject Matter Experts will interview you personally for the position. Candidates will be required to travel to Golden, Colo. for the interview. Those candidates selected in the top group may be provided with a conditional job offer and are required to complete post-conditional offer testing. This phase of the process is where Human Resources will add qualifying veterans’ preference points for those who have submitted their Military-issued DD214 Form by the communicated deadline.

Post-Conditional Offer Testing

  1. Psychological Inventory Assessment and Interview;
  2. 10-panel pre-employment drug testing;
  3. Self Service/Certified Medical Clearance Essential Functions (candidate's own physician) CSP Form 705A.

Detail of Disqualifying Incidents/Behaviors

The following criminal and drug behaviors and driving history violations are considered disqualifying incidents for the State Trooper Career Path:


Criminal Behavior
  1. Any Felony conviction
  2. Any Domestic violence conviction
  3. Any Misdemeanor conviction

Reference the Misdemeanors designated by Colorado Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST). 

Drug Behavior
  1. Use of any illegal drug on or off duty while employed as a law enforcement officer.
  2. Consumption or had in your possession any controlled substance(s) without a doctor's prescription within the last five years. (Controlled substances include but are not limited to: prescription medications, cocaine (crack), hallucinogens (mushrooms, LSD, Peyote), PCP/Angel Dust, methamphetamines/amphetamines (crank, speed), steroids, opiates, synthetic drugs, designer drugs (ecstasy/MDMA), inhalants (glue, nitrous oxide, propellants), mescaline, Quaaludes, barbiturates, GHB (date rape drug)).
  3. Refusal to submit to a current or previous employer's drug screening or drug testing as an employee within the last five years.
  4. Engagement in unauthorized consumption of an alcoholic beverage while on duty as a law enforcement officer.
  5. Refusal to submit to a current or previous employer's alcohol testing or screening as an employee within the last five years.
Driving History
  1. Any incident of eluding or attempting to elude an emergency vehicle within the last 3 years, whether charged or not.
  2. Conviction of a DUI, DWAI, and/or DUID within the past three years,
  3. Driving History: Have you had a license suspension or revocation (not including Financial Responsibility Act (FRA) suspension) within the last two years.
  4. Responsible for a hit and run accident with damage or injury to another party within the last three years, whether reported or not.
  1. Solicitation, offered, paid, or accepted a bribe as defined criminally in Colorado Revised Statute as a government official.
  2. Theft or taken without permission of items, goods and/or money (combined) of over $300 from an employer within the past three years for personal gain.