Raising Awareness about Human Trafficking in Colorado

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Human trafficking is a crime that happens everywhere, including in all parts of Colorado. Yet, due to the complex issues that contribute to this crime, it often goes undetected and is difficult to prosecute. People don’t understand what it is, or they are unaware that it is happening.

What is human trafficking?
Human trafficking is a crime involving the severe exploitation of another person for the purposes of compelled labor or a commercial sex act using force, fraud, or coercion, for some kind of benefit, often economic. Human trafficking consists of the denial of a person's human right to freedom and basic dignity.

If that sounds complicated, it’s because it is.
To help raise awareness, combat misperceptions, and give people a clear understanding of what human trafficking is, The Colorado Human Trafficking Council developed an educational campaign.

Human Trafficking

"Elena wanted to prove she deserved love. Instead, she was trafficked". This project was supported by federal grant #2020-VA-21-601-00, issued by the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice. © Office for victims Programs, CDPS. Colorado Human Trafficking Council (CHTC) logo.

The campaign uses composite real-life experiences (to protect the privacy of survivors) to call attention to all forms of human trafficking.

Some examples from the campaign include:

  • Elena: Sex trafficking of a young woman by someone she loves and trusts
  • James: Labor trafficking of a man and his family by a family member
  • Brian: Labor trafficking of a young LGBTQ+ person by an employer
  • Daniela: Labor trafficking of a woman and her daughters who moved here from a foreign country
  • Antonio: Labor trafficking on a larger scale within the restaurant industry
  • Luke: Sex trafficking of a young man on a larger scale by a man he thought was a helpful friend

Learn more at ThisIsHumanTrafficking.com.
Leave a tip or get assistance by calling 866-455-5075
Or text 720-999-9724

Colorado’s Human Trafficking Hotline and text line have a vast referral network of services available to help people who have experienced or are experiencing, sex or labor trafficking. Trauma-informed advocates can connect people to services for needs addressing housing, substance use, mental health, legal services, and more.

This project was supported by federal grant #2020-VA-21-601-00, issued by the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice. © 2021 Office for Victims Programs, CDPS.