Aggression & Speed Don't Make for a Safe Drive

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While it might be easy to feel frustrated while driving, resorting to aggression and speed is never the answer and can result in dangerous lane violations or even more serious ramifications. A few simple driving reminders can make a big difference when staying safe behind the wheel.

In 2023, Colorado State Troopers are continuing to take a low tolerance approach to lane violations though its “Stay in Your Lane” campaign. This message is designed to remind people to control their lane position based on their current driving environment. It also aims to bring attention to three of the most common and avoidable behaviors that contribute to lane violations - driving aggressively, driving distracted or driving while impaired.

Lane violations are one of the leading factors in crashes across the state of Colorado. In 2021 alone, Troopers investigating injury and fatal crashes around the state saw a spike in crashes caused by drivers leaving their lane, both crossing over the center line or off the side of the road. Investigators found a 30.6% increase in injury crashes caused by lane violations. Even more alarming, investigators saw a 74% increase in fatal crashes caused by lane violations in 2021.

Further, there was a 29% increase in lane violations caused by aggressive diving in a one-year timespan. These statistics are amplified on Saturdays and Sundays which have been noted as the highest days of the week for crashes in Colorado due to lane violations.

Remember that whenever you’re out, whether it be weekend errands or your daily commute to work, staying calm and having respect to other drivers is the key in keeping yourself, your loved ones and others on the roadways safe. Getting frustrated and showing aggression on the roadways including tailgating and motioning will eventually lead to a more serious situation that can be completely avoidable if you remember to give yourself and other drivers a bit of grace and space.