Meet Mike and Learn Why It's Important to Stay in Your Lane

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Are you aware that lane violations are one of the leading factors in crashes across the state of Colorado? In just a three-year period from 2019-2021, the Colorado State Patrol investigated 1,512 injury and fatal crashes caused by a lane violation. These alarming statistics are most frustrating, because the crashes caused by lane violations are completely avoidable.  

Whether it be an intentional lane violation, like an unsafe lane change or conditions such as impairment, distraction, or aggression, these behaviors have found to be direct links to such crashes. While people of all ages can and do commit lane violations, data also reveals that the highest number of lane violation crashes with at-fault drivers is most prevalent with drivers ranging in age from 22-39.

This is where Mike comes in. Mike is Colorado State Patrol’s newest safety champion and he’s on a mission to share important information regarding lane violations and why this is a costly and often times deadly problem across our state.

Throughout the next year, the Patrol is doubling down on its efforts to educate and inform the public about the risks associated with lane violations in their driving ranging from a citation, an accident, or worse, death to the driver or others. These educational efforts will be infused into much of Colorado State Patrol’s messaging and will be top of mind in our communications to drivers across the state. Mike’s goal is to highlight some of the common, relatable experiences drivers in Colorado encounter on a daily basis related to lane violations. 

While no roadway is free from danger, the leading thoroughfares in Colorado for lane violation citations include I-25, I-70, H50, H470 and your everyday local roads throughout Colorado communities. While travelling across the state and beyond, keep this important message in mind. Stay in your lane – don’t veer while you’re distracted, don’t drive if you’re impaired and don’t drive aggressively if you’re angry.

Remember Mike’s simple message:  Stay in your lane – it could save your life and that of those around you.