The Uniform


The original Colorado State Patrol uniform as decided upon by the original Patrol Board consisted of a sky-blue cap, shirt, and blouse to match Colorado’s skies. There were silver gray slacks to symbolize Colorado’s silver industry. There were gold badges, gold buttons and belt buckles to represent the state’s gold industry. There were black stripes on the pant legs, black boots, black holster, and Sam Browne belt to illustrate the coal industry. Originally, the Sam Browne belt was designed with white inside to be reversible for night use, but this feature was phased out. Later, collar ornaments were added to designate the division membership of the wearer and today represent the Troop the Trooper is assigned to.

CSP Uniform

The uniform has remained much the same with some minor changes. The blouse has been replaced with a nylon jacket. The knee length motorcycle boots were later replaced with a jodhpur-type boot and more recently with the tactical style popular with current police agencies. Other changes were the utilization of a short sleeve summer shirt, which was adopted in 1977, and the adaptation of the "Smokey Bear" type campaign hat in 1981, which has been used by so many state organizations throughout the nation. The shoulder patch was changed once early in the years of the Patrol.

CSP Current Uniform

CSP Uniform History