The Badge

The Colorado State Patrol takes pride in its rich history steeped in values and our guiding principles. The Colorado State Patrol badge is a symbol of our organization’s ongoing dedication to protecting life while acknowledging the seven tenants that our organization and law enforcement at large, was founded upon.

With seven points, the badge symbolically represents more than just our organization’s authority. The number seven has historically been regarded by the Greeks, Jews and Etruscans as the number of perfection. We consider our badge a perfect star, with each point representing one of the tenets that comprise the ideology of the police profession.

The points at the top represent Character and Integrity. Character is that quality of oral constitution and moral strength that furnishes the fiber upon which an organization can build. It is the quality obtained through self-discipline of the individual that furnishes moral vigor and stability. Integrity is that moral soundness from corrupting influence that guarantees the strict fulfillment of the duties and trust placed on you by your friends, the public and your organization.

Trooper badge

At each side supporting these are the points representing the tenets of Knowledge and Judgment. Knowledge is not only the acquaintance with fact and laws that is obtained through schooling, but it represents an awareness and understanding which is acquired through the performance of your everyday duties. Judgment is the ability to apply your knowledge and training to the best advantage of all concerned in any given situation.

Upholding these are the tenets of Honor and Loyalty. Honor is the strict adherence to principles considered right by our organization that has won us a good reputation throughout the state and our nation. Loyalty is that quality of faithful adherence to the objectives and precepts of our organization, loyalty to one’s self and to every member of our organization.

Sustaining these is the tenet of Courtesy. Courtesy inspired the original motto of our Organization, "Be Courteous But Firm."

This badge is always worn on the left side of our uniform close to our heart. We hope and trust that our members will always wear this badge with Character, Integrity, Knowledge, Judgment, Honor, Loyalty and Courtesy to yourself and to our organization, the Colorado State Patrol.