Summer Safety in Colorado

Summer of Safety 2013 Banner

Coloradans can make smart and safe driving and boating choices this summer and prevent serious injuries and fatalities by:

Remembering that impaired driving is an entirely preventable crime. Each impaired-driving arrest or crash can be prevented. Drivers and boat operators must make safe and smart choices and choose not to drink and drive.

Being “boat sober” – Remember that boats take longer to stop or react to changes in direction and; the hot summer sun increases alcohol's effect on the body of a boat’s operator if they have been drinking. Bottom line: Alcohol, sun, and boating are a deadly combination.

Always wearing your seat belt in your car and a life vest when boating.

Remembering that driving a boat or a car requires your full attention. Don’t drive distracted.

And, always designate a sober driver/operator. Make smart and safe driving choices this summer that will help you arrive alive and get home safely.