Colorado State Patrol Citation

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I lost my citation and need to know where to get a copy?

If you are able to pay the fine for the ticket, and the citation was issued less than fourteen days, (two-weeks) ago, you need to contact the Troop Office that issued the ticket. If it has been over fourteen days, (two weeks), you need to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles at 303.205.5610. If the ticket you received requires a court appearance, you will need to contact the Troop Office that the ticket was issued by. The Department of Motor Vehicles will not have a record of the ticket if a court appearance is mandatory.

Who do I contact when I have questions about the citation I received?

If you received a summons and you have questions, please contact the local District Attorney's Office regarding the court date and legal issues. Once the citation has been issued, the trooper cannot change the citation.

I am past the 20 days to pay the fine on my citation I was issued. What do I do?

Go to court on the date that was given on the citation. The citation should state court, location, time and date.

I missed my court date on the citation I was issued. Who do I call?

You can call the county court it was issued in and they can help you.

If you require information from the Colorado State Patrol that has not been addressed on this page, please contact your local Colorado State Patrol Office.

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