A Valuable Management Resource

State-owned and operated aircraft are provided for the benefit of all Colorado government agencies. The aircraft are available on a twenty-four hour basis providing transportation for state business. This service includes transportation of personnel, cargo, and prisoners, as well as observation and photographic flights. Using the aircraft can save days of travel time and expense for less than commercial air travel and give your employees more time at the home office to do other work.

The following five aircraft are operated by the Aircraft Section

  • Beech King Air, pressurized, twin engine aircraft, capable of holding up to 7 passengers. Call for details
  • Cessna 340, a pressurized, four-passenger, aircraft capable of 210 mph
  • Cessna 182, Turbo charged, non-pressurized, two-passenger
  • Cessna 182, non-pressurized, two-passenger
  • Cessna 182, non-pressurized, two-passenger

For reservations and information on flights and rates:
Contact the Colorado State Patrol Aircraft Section at 303-790-4164