It's Not Just Like Riding a Bike

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(Colorado) – The commonly used expression “like riding a bike” implies that something is fairly easy to do and quickly returns to us if we take a break for a few months or years. Colorado State Troopers want to caution weekend warriors and motor enthusiasts that riding a motorcycle is “Not Just Like Riding a Bike” and requires a motorcycle endorsement on your Colorado driver’s license.

“It isn’t mandatory to complete a motorcycle safety course to obtain a Colorado license endorsement. However, we highly encourage it because riding requires unique skills and practice in controlled settings,” stated Major Brett Williams, District 5 Commander of the Colorado State Patrol. “I have the honor to oversee troopers throughout the State's Southwest region, where motorcycle traffic is frequent due to the scenic byways and welcoming atmosphere. It also sees a large number of motorcycle crashes every year from inexperienced riders, many of whom do not have an endorsement.”

Since the beginning of 2024, troopers have issued 53 citations to riders without an endorsement and nine additional citations to people without a valid license. These citations often occur because a rider is stopped for another traffic violation and the lack of endorsement is discovered. The top citations issued by the Colorado State Patrol to motorcyclists so far in the first five months of 2024 were:

  1. Operated a Motorcycle without an Endorsement - 53
  2. Careless Driving – 50
  3. Speeding – 48
  4. Drove While Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs or Both - 12
  5. Careless Driving Caused Bodily Injury - 9

“Riding a motorcycle in the Rockies can be breathtaking, but folks shouldn’t overlook the inherent dangers also present,” stated Major Williams. “A high number of crashes occur in the Southwest Region when riders fail to properly navigate curves. These turns can be tight and, on a grade, so riders need to be focused during their ride and in control of their motorcycle.”

The best way to enjoy the ride is to gain experience in a learning environment. Riders of every skill level should seek opportunities to continue practicing the most efficient and safest riding techniques.

Colorado’s Motorcycle Operator Safety Program (MOST) is a reliable resource for training riders at all experience levels. Three programs, Basic Riders Course, Experienced Riders Course, and Three Wheel Course, help riders gain additional experience in a safe and controlled setting.



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