Doing Business with CSP

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The CSP Procurement Office is responsible for the procurement of all services and materials utilized by all members of the Colorado State Patrol, both uniformed and civilian. The Procurement Office handles purchase orders, contracts, and vendor management.

The CSP&'s fiscal year is July 1 through June 30th.

The Colorado State Patrol is a tax exempt organization.

A CSP Procurement official is represented at State and national professional procurement organizations during forums and/or vendor trade shows.

How we Buy

The State Purchasing Office is a valuable resource that can help guide businesses through the procurement process. The procurement function in Colorado is decentralized and businesses wanting to sell goods or services to State government must promote their goods and services to individual State entities and actively search for opportunities on ColoradoBIDS or ColoradoVSS.

Please visit State of Colorado Purchasing Office website here to for a 3 Step Guide for doing Business with the State of Colorado.

What we Buy

CSP issues Invitation for Bids, Documented Quotes, and Request for Proposals through Colorado VSS for types of commodities and services where we expect the cost to exceed $10,000.00 for Goods and $25,000.00 for services. Goods under these thresholds do not have to be bid. However, the Purchasing Agent must use professional judgment to insure that the CSP is receiving maximum value for money spent.

Examples: Aircraft Supplies, Law Enforcement Specific Equipment, Training Services, Electronic Equipment, Consulting Services.

All competitive purchases conducted by the CSP and other Colorado State Agencies are posted here