Frequently Asked Questions


Life as a Cadet

Where is the CSP Cadet Academy?

The Academy is located in Golden, Colo.

How long do I have to live at the academy?

Through Phase 2 which last approximately 10 weeks.

Do I get to leave the Academy after classes end for the night?

For the first 10 weeks, cadets will only get to leave on weekends. Once Phase 3 begins (approximately 10 weeks), if you live within one hour of Golden you will be allowed to go home after classes.

What are the different phases of the Academy?

Phase 1 - Administrative/Orientation
Phase 2 - Discipline Phase
Phase 3 - Independent Study

What does Para-Military Academy mean?

The Colorado State Patrol Academy uses military bearing to instill discipline in each of our troopers. The military based its core values on discipline, and requires its members to follow orders at all times. The discipline at the State Patrol Academy is based on our core values of Honor, Duty and Respect. We use our discipline to create an environment that fosters an individual's ability to develop self-discipline and immediate attention to orders. Orders need to funnel up and down through the chain of command, which is a system that has specific ranks or positions, each responsible to the other.

How long does the Academy last?

The current Academy is 26 weeks long.

What is the physical fitness program like?

It is the mission of the CSP Training Academy Physical Training Program to create an environment that fosters physical, mental and emotional growth by providing students with strong fundamentals in anatomy and physiology, general health and wellness, nutrition, exercise technique, programming and self-motivation. The program focuses on remaining injury free. In fact, it focuses on reconditioning and improving upon existing injuries and limitations, while simultaneously improving a student in all aspects in a group environment. Specifically, the program focuses on individual successes with Cadets, giving them the requisite foundations to prevail as Colorado State Troopers over a long term career.

What are the dorms like? Are the dorms co-ed?

Male Cadets live five to a room. Female cadets live three to a room.

What can I bring with me to the Academy?

You will be given a packing list of all required items you must bring with you to the Academy.

Can I take vacation or sick time during the Academy?


Do I get to use my phone while at the Academy?

Cadets are able to use their phones, but only during designated times.

Can I have visitors while attending the Academy?

No. But we will work with cadets if an emergency arises.

I have specific dietary needs, can I bring my own food?

We provide meals and snacks at the Academy. Specific dietary accommodations are available.

Education and Skills


What are the skills requirements for earning my POST certification?

Cadets are required to pass all skills while attending the academy. (Driving/Shooting/Arrest Control/ALERT Training)

What math skills am I required to have?

You must have a high school diploma or GED. However, we suggest having additional math skills such as Algebra.

What are the requirements for written tests? Practical Tests?

You are required to to maintain a 80% or higher on all written and skills tests.


Lateral Classes (Not Currently Accepting Applications)

What are the minimum requirements for a Lateral applicant?
  • Applicants must be current Colorado residents,  must provide a DD-2058 showing Colorado residency, if a military member. 
  • HS Diploma or GED (minimum qualification)
  • Must be 21 years of age at the start of the Academy (special qualification)
  • Current valid Basic Peace Officer Certification through Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training

Preferred Qualifications

  • 2-3 years of law enforcement experience is preferred, but not required. 

Please review this list of disqualifiers for employment as Provisional State Patrol Trooper. Only applications meeting strict criteria outlined will be moving through in the process. 

Conditions of Employment
Ability to successfully complete a background investigation, polygraph, pre-employment physical examination, psychological evaluation, and drug test.   Must be willing to live within the residency requirement of their assigned duty station and must be willing to go to any duty station throughout the state of Colorado. Must be available and willing to work 24/7 as needed. This includes weekends, holidays, rotating shifts, and in all weather conditions.

Who will NOT be considered as a Lateral applicant?
  • A Military, District Attorney, or Federal Police Officer experience;
  • A jail, corrections, or security officer;
  • Experience gained in a Training Academy;
What is the starting salary for a lateral applicant?

Starting salary is $6,176 per month.


What is the length of the academy?

The Lateral academy is 14 weeks.

Am I required to live at the academy?

You will be required to live at the academy through Phase 2 which is approximately 10 weeks.

Will my weekends be free?

Cadets are allowed to leave the academy after their final class on Friday.

Will my previous training count, i.e.: Taser, OC spray, SFST, DRE, etc?

You will be required to attend and participate in all trainings.

What type of training will I receive?

You will receive additional training in accident investigation, driving, shooting, arrest control, commercial motor vehicle, traffic code, criminal code and CSP policy.

How will duty stations be assigned?

Duty stations will be assigned by Command Staff prior to the start of the academy.

For more information who can I contact?

CSP Recruiters

Trooper Timothy Sutherland (cdps_csp_hiring@state.co.us)
Trooper Robert Busick (cdps_csp_hiring@state.co.us)
Human Resource Analyst Michelle Chancey (michelle.chancey@state.co.us)