Selection Process


The Port of Entry Intern/Cadet selection process takes several months to complete and consists of the following steps:

Step 1 - Comparative Analysis

The online assessment measures essential skills, such as: Basic math, Basic MS Office 2010-Excel and Word, Customer Service skills, as well as the ability to follow directions. There are no study guides available for this exam.

If you are a military veteran you must submit a copy of your DD214 at the time of application so we can determine if you are eligible for veteran's preference points.

Step 2 - Interview

The highest scoring candidates will be invited to an interview process.

Step 3 - Background Investigation

A background investigation and interview will be completed that will include review of criminal history, driving record and employment history.

Step 4 - Polygraph Examination
Step 5 - Drug Test
Disqualification Considerations



For information, please contact Lori Chavez, Human Resources, via email at Lori.Chavez@state.co.us, or by calling 303.328.8642.