Other CSP Job Opportunities


The Colorado State Patrol hires professional staff to fill positions across a wide continuum of employment opportunities including program analysts, budget specialists, victim assistance, fleet operations and more. If you would like to join our team in a business professional role, consider positions in the following areas:

  • Staff Assistants, Program Assistants, Administrative Assistants
  • Program Analysts
  • Budget Specialists
  • Records Technicians
  • Planning, Grants, and Research
  • Victim Assistance
  • Photographic Services
  • Procurement and Warehouse Operations
  • Fleet Operations
  • Facilities Operations
  • Marketing and Web Development

An online application must be submitted for each position you are interested in. Please contact the Colorado Department of Public Safety (CDPS) Human Resources office with any questions regarding the application process at 303-239-4427 or cdps_hr_cdpscareers@state.co.us.


Process for Applying for Colorado State Jobs

The following information outlines the process for applying for positions within the state of Colorado including roles at the Colorado State Patrol.

Apply for State Jobs

1. Position Announced

When a position becomes available, the position is announced via the CoJobs site.

2. Application Accepted

Each applicant must list their education and experience on their application to demonstrate how it meets the minimum qualifications listed on the job announcement. If the education and experience does not fully meet the announced minimum requirements of the job announcement, the application will not be considered for the position.

If you are a veteran or eligible spouse or mother, you may be eligible for veteran's preference points. Make sure the appropriate DD214 Form is attached to your application so the eligibility can be determined.

Applications must be received by the closing date of the announcement to be considered for the position.

3. Applications Screened

Each application is screened to determine if it meets the minimum requirements necessary for the specific position.

4. Comparative Analysis

The selection process for each position will consist of a comparative analysis to determine the top applicants in a pool of qualified applicants. If you fail to appear for a required exam, you will not continue in the selection process.

At the end of the comparative analysis, the top six candidates on the eligible list will be referred for an interview with the hiring manager.

5. Review and Consideration

CDPS performs pre-employment screening that may include any of the following, based on the duties of the job:

  • Criminal history
  • Employment history
  • Credit history
  • Drug screening
  • Polygraph
  • Fingerprinting
  • Verification of education credentials
  • Pre-employment suitability Risk Assessment Profile (RAP)
  • Life History Questionnaire (LHQ)
  • Physical agility
  • Psychological suitability assessment and interview
  • Medical physical
  • Additional screening tools (approved by HR)
6. Job Offer

After the rigorous evaluation, the top candidate(s) will be offered the position.



The Colorado State Patrol is an Equal Opportunity Employer.