What to Expect During the Selection Process


What to expect during the Communication Officer Selection Process
The selection process is comprised of three phases and is expected to take a few months to complete.

Phase I (Entry Level Positions Only)

This is an instrument that tests an applicant's ability to follow directions provided in writing and/or verbally including computer skills, multi-tasking and ability to make decisions based upon structured rules. However, no prior dispatching experience is necessary to successfully pass the exam. In order to move forward in the testing process, an applicant must pass with the minimum score in all areas. The applicant will be notified by the person administering the exam on whether or not they are moving forward.

Phase II-Entry Level and Technician Positions

Oral Interview
You will be scheduled for this interview if you pass the Criticall exam. 

Phase III-Conditional Offer and Background Process

Psychological Exam 

Proceeding to the background investigation is contingent upon passing the psychological exam. 

Background Investigation
This consists of a review of the Background Investigation Application, criminal and driving history. The background investigation will entail an interview with an applicant as well as a thorough review of an applicant’s employment history, including past job duties, and interviews with supervisors and fellow workers.

Polygraph Examination
The polygraph examination is a confidential interview with a communication applicant concerning the applicant’s lifestyle, job history, and personal background. A trained examiner conducts the polygraph. During the exam, the applicant will wear recording components attached to an instrument designed to continuously record the occurrence of physiological reactions of the human body.

Pre-Employment Testing
A job-related medical exam and drug screen must be successfully completed.

Final Offer
A final employment offer will be made to the selected applicant upon successful completion of all required exams. You will be notified via email of your status.

For more information, see the formal job posting.