Colorado State Patrol Security Officer Careers


  1. Security Officers with the Colorado State Patrol are responsible for patrolling various state buildings to ensure safety and security of personnel and visitors. This role can be a lifelong career with advancement opportunities into the Corporal or Sergeant roles or may also serve as a stepping stone for Members into the Trooper career path for those who are not yet 21 years of age.

The current starting Salary for ESB Officers Security I is $32,196 - $45,768.

Facilities Security Officers are responsible for:
  • Conducting interior and exterior security tours of state buildings and surrounding grounds in vehicle or on foot.
  • Screening of persons’ belongings at security check points in buildings within the Capitol Complex
  • Identify problem areas and unauthorized personnel.
  • Identify alarms indicating possible fire, water leaks, or other problems relating to state property.
  • Identify safety hazards.
  • Provide services such as after-hours escorts to vehicles for Capitol Complex tenants.
  • Report any unusual or suspicious activity throughout the Capitol Complex.
  • Secure all exterior entrances, dock doors, windows, etc.
  • Perform both single and tandem patrol in a mostly self-supervised atmosphere.
  • Must be able to multi-task when relieving dispatchers between answering phones and calls for service.
  • Interact with police/fire/maintenance personnel in emergency situations.
  • Must be able to write reports about daily security activities around the different complexes.
Position Requirements
  • Must be willing to work any shift, weekends, and holidays
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a Colorado resident at the time of application
  • Willing to undergo a thorough background check to include drug test and polygraph
  • The background investigation is based on the following criteria including, but not limited to: Driving history, criminal behavior/history, alcohol use/behavior, drug use/behavior, and integrity
  • Ability to multi-task between answering phones and radio dispatch
  • Interact with police/fire/maintenance personnel in emergency situations
  • Be able to notify the proper support personnel
  • Lower State and National flags at the Judicial Building and State Capitol as required
  • Process all orders for special requested flags at Capitol and ensure proper handling of same
  • Maintain all issued security equipment to ensure proper functioning of equipment at all times


William Kulp

William Kulp
Operations Manager

Freddi Southwell

Freddie Southwell
ESB Security Sergeant

Michael Montgomery

Michael Montgomery
Security Corporal