Colorado State Patrol Security Officer Careers

Security gaurd


Job Duties:

  • Conduct interior and exterior security tours of state buildings and surrounding grounds on foot or, at the discretion of supervision, on a patrol bicycle
  • Screening of person/packages for buildings with the Capitol Complex that have these security measures in place
  • Identify problem areas and unauthorized personnel
  • Identify alarms indicating possible fire, water leaks, or other problems relating to state property
  • Identify safety hazards
  • Provide services to tenants such as after hours escorts to vehicles for Capitol Complex tenants
  • Submit work orders to the DPA maintenance staff relating to various items such as burned out lights, inoperative locks, and leaking faucets that could lead to flooding, to name a few
  • Report any unusual or suspicious activity throughout the Capitol Complex
  • Secure all exterior entrances, dock doors, windows, etc.
  • Follow up with periodic checks throughout the shift to ensure that all buildings remain secure
  • Perform both single and tandem patrol in a mostly self-supervised atmosphere
  • Must be familiar with all security systems in the command center
  • Must be able to multi-task between answering phones and radio dispatch
  • Interact with police/fire/maintenance personnel in emergency situations
  • Be able to notify the proper support personnel
  • Lower State and National flags at the Judicial Building and State Capitol as required
  • Process all orders for special requested flags at Capitol and ensure proper handling of same
  • Maintain all issued security equipment to ensure proper functioning of equipment at all times

Job Requirements:

  • Must be willing to work any shift, weekends, and holidays
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a Colorado resident at the time of application
  • Must be willing to undergo a thorough background check to include drug test and polygraph
  • The background investigation is based on the following criteria, including, but not limited to: driving history, criminal behavior/history, alcohol use/behavior, drug use/behavior, and integrity


William Kulp
Operations Manager

Freddi Southwell
ESU Security Sergeant