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2019 High School Seatbelt Challenge Schedule

Week 1
Kick-off Events

Week 2
Driver/Passenger Buckle Up

Week 3
Family Week

Week 4
Community Involvement

  • Initial seatbelt survey
  • Pledge forms for students to sign
  • Activity planned by the student group
  • Work on week 2 video. Due at beginning of Week 2
  • Activity to promote driver and passenger seatbelt usage
  • Work on Week 3 video. Due at beginning of Week 3
  • Activity or Events documenting how they involve their families
  • Work on Week 4 video. Due at beginning of week 4
  • Document activity or events - getting the message to their community
  • At the conclusion of week 4 the winner will be announced and awards ceremony will be held


Throughout the challenge, we encourage students to think outside the box with their activities, videos and photos documenting their SUCCESS. We would also remind students to stay safe and obey all traffic laws during the challenge.

Photo Contest

Video Contest