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A1  Safety at Home & Away: Large group presentation on safety for older adults as they age. Target Audience: Seniors

A2  Scams & Financial Fraud: Large group presentation on scams and frauds targeted for older adults. Target Audience: Seniors

A3  Driving as You Age: Large group presentation on driving as you age for older adults. Target Audience: Seniors

A4  Cybercrime Self-Defense: Large group presentation on cybercrime self-defense for older adults to stay safe while online. Target Audience: Seniors

A5  Child Passenger Safety: Large group presentation on child passenger safety in Colorado. Participants are asked to determine if laws regarding child passenger safety are Fake or Fact. Target Audience: Postsecondary, Students, Parents, Seniors

A6  Marijuana and Opioids: Large group presentation on marijuana and opioids. Participants will learn about marijuana and opioids and ways to keep their families safe. Target Audience: Parents

A7  Natural Disaster Safety: Large group presentation on safety during natural disasters. Target Audience: Postsecondary Students, Parents

A8  Digital Intelligence: Large group presentation on cyber-safety for adults. Target Audience: Postsecondary Students, Parents

A9  Winter Safety in Colorado: Large group presentation on winter safety in Colorado. Eight multiple choice quiz questions drive an interactive discussion. Target Audience: Postsecondary Students, Parents

A10  Threat Assessment of Targeted Violence at School & Work (See Something-Say Something): Serious topic of school & work attacks, creating a caring & respectful environment, signs to look for in a potential attacker, & the role of a Threat Assessment Support Council. Target Audience: Teachers, School Leaders, Parents, Public

A11  Threat Assessment of Targeted Violence at School & Work: Participants learn about ways to assess, prevent and be safe in an active threat situation. This session is structured as a collaborative work group session for schools. Encourage schools to bring a team of individuals to discuss the content together. Audience: Teachers, Administrators

A12  Truck Smart: How to safely share the road with large trucks and buses. Target Audience: High School, Public

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