Don't Ruin the Ride

Motorcycle on the side of the road

Don’t be “that guy.” When you’re tanked, blitzed, sloshed, buttered, housed, hammered, snockered, looped, out of your mind, or even just buzzed, listen to your friends, and figure out a better way to get home.

If you’re drinking, you’ve got options:

Get a cab.

Call a friend to come drive you home.

Check if the bar has a safe place to secure your bike.

Get someone sober to ride your bike home.

Live to Ride

You love the ride. And, you love stopping to have a drink with your buddies. It’s all part of the camaraderie. But, think of the risk of having one too many and getting on your bike. In Colorado, one-third of riders killed in crashes have alcohol in their system. Startling statistic. Did you know a DUI can incur over $10,000 in costs, plus you risk losing your license and your bike? Colorado law enforcement agencies make an average of 72 DUI arrests a day. Cops are cracking down on drunk driving, so do yourself a favor and don’t ruin the ride. You have options. Use them.

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