Alcohol & Drugs

A critical measure of the organization's impact on dangerous driving behavior is the number of alcohol and drug related crashes (DUI/DUID caused crashes). DUI/DUID caused crashes are more than twice as likely to result in injuries or fatalities. In CY 2014, 34.1 percent of DUI/DUID caused crashes resulted in injuries or fatalities, compared to 11.5 percent of non-DUI/DUID caused crashes.

The Patrol's goal with respect to DUI/DUID crash reduction was not met, the agency experienced a statewide increase of alcohol and drug caused injury and fatal crashes by 6.9 percent, instead of the 10.0 percent reduction called for in the 2014 Strategic Plan.

DUI/DUID Caused Fatal and Injury Crashes Investigated by CSP Troopers

DUI Crash Stats 2014