2019 Colorado State Patrol Annual Awards

The members of theColorado State Patrol work hard to serve and protect the citizens of Colorado every day. Each year, the Colorado State Patrol acknowledges some of these individuals and their efforts. Through a peer nomination process, the following members are recognized for demonstrating outstanding work performance, initiative, leadership, character, integrity, and whose actions or performance significantly exceeded expectations as they exemplified the State Patrol\'s Core Values of Honor, Duty, and Respect.

To view photos of the 2019CSP Annual Awards Ceremony, click here.

Trooper Jacob Best
2019 Trooper of the Year

The Core Values of the Patrol’s members are the heart of the organization. Those members who are willing to do what is asked of them without complaint, who are reliable without fail, who display character that others want to follow, who take on extra tasks without looking for recognition, and lead beyond their formal position are the reason the Colorado State Patrol is the great organization that it is. He is one of these individuals. He exceeds the expectations by always being available, going above and beyond with organizing community events and trainings, and being the image of the Colorado State Patrol for Troop 4C. He is dedicated to the Patrol, shows initiative, and goes the extra distance to ensure success.

In addition to his regular duties, he is also a PIO and routinely completes press releases to keep the public informed of incidents and events in the Troop. He is a TIM\'s Instructor and instructed 8 TIM\'s classes in 2019 resulting in 133 responders being trained in Eagle and Lake Counties. He also takes the lead and participates in countless community events in the Troop each year.

He exemplifies the State Patrol\'s core values of Honor, Duty, and Respect. For these reasons Trooper Jacob Best is selected at the 2019 Trooper of the Year!

District Supervisor LaDonna Mason
2019 District Supervisorof the Year

Her interpersonal skills contribute to maintaining a high level of morale and motivation among team members. She is always working hard to achieve results and an efficient, effective and responsive workplace. She understands and communicates to officers the goals, values and philosophy of process improvement and provides the Ft. Collins team with information, tools, techniques, and education for developing a mindset and skills of process improvement. She then empowers the officers to employ these tools to make improvements. She knows the expectations of her job and effectively applies her skills and knowledge. She solves problems and is self-motivated. She continues to seek out training to increase her job knowledge and the knowledge of the officers at the Ft. Collins Port. She offers constructive criticism and feedback to build each officer up in hopes to increase moral and work towards developing a positive work culture. She has also worked to understand team members individually in order to identify their values and principles. In doing this, she is able to adjust her leadership style based on the individual. All the while, she is creating a fun, safe and comfortable work environment.

Please join me in congratulating District Supervisor LaDonna Mason as the 2019 Supervisor of the Year!


POE Officer Helena Shea
2019 Port of Entry Officer of the Year

In her 10 years of service, she has displayed an unfailing commitment to her community, the Colorado State Patrol, the Port of Entry and her team at the Ft. Morgan Port. She always has a pleasant and professional demeanor when dealing with customers and coworkers. She consistently "does the right thing" by applying her considerable job knowledge and fairly enforcing policies and statutes. She is often assisting her fellow officers and has established herself as an informal leader and an example all officers should aspire to.

She frequently volunteers for projects outside her normal duties to contribute to the betterment of the Port of Entry. From working on the new Port of Entry computer system, testing the new virtual weigh station, or as an instructor at the Port of Entry Academy, she is always looking for ways to contribute to the mission of the Colorado State Patrol. She recently participated in the communications work group to streamline radio procedures and port of entry call signs. She was also instrumental in coordinating the highly successful "Fill the Cruiser" Christmas toy drive for Morgan County. For her dedication to duty and commitment to her community, today, we recognize her as a leader.

It is a pleasure to name Senior Port of Entry Officer Helena Shea, the Port of Entry Officer of the Year!

Troy Marvel
2019 Communication Officer of the Year

As one of the Montrose Regional Communications Center Team Leaders and a Communications Training Officer, he leads not only his team, but also creates a team environment throughout the center. With nearly 23 years of experience, he is the most senior communications officer in the center and truly leads by example. His knowledge of the CAD system and technology is unparalleled, he is a resource in this regard to many. His ability to methodically work through incidents, offering insight and suggestions to fellow members, improves the quality of service members provide to the public. He mentors those with less experience to ensure they gain the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful. He is an absolute invaluable member of the Montrose Regional Communications Center.

For his unwavering dedication to saving lives each day, today, we award Mr. Troy Marvel with the 2019 Communication Officer of the Year award!


Heather Hamilton
2019 Professional Staff Member of the Year

She is the go-to for anything and everything in the Durango Troop Office. She always has a cheery, helpful demeanor. She is willing to tackle any challenge, works very hard, and efficiently. She is proactive and takes the initiative in staying ahead of any possible or anticipated troop or administrative needs. She is welcoming to any member of the public who visits the office, and is eager to help them. She also proactively became a car-seat technician, and spearheads the troop Car-Seat check program, actively coordinating, and representing CSP at all local safety fairs in Ignacio, Bayfield, and Durango.

She is always expanding her knowledge and with this knowledge, she is able to answer a variety of questions from the visiting public. She takes care of any and all facility and equipment needs in the troop in short order, and proactively. She also graciously plans troop meetings, events, holiday gatherings, and celebrations. She is always fostering great relationships with other agencies and DA’s Offices to facilitate the work of the State Patrol. She is exemplar of an ideal member of the Colorado State Patrol.

Today, we thank Mrs. Heather Hamilton for her dedication to service and award her with the 2019 Professional Staff Member of the Year Award!