CATPA Grants

The Colorado General Assembly gave CATPA the authority to award grants to multi-agency auto theft prevention, enforcement, investigative and prosecution programs for the purpose of reducing motor vehicle theft in Colorado. CATPA awards approximately $5.7 million each year, contingent upon insurance assessment collections and available funding within the CATPA Cash Fund. The CATPA Board is committed to awarding grants that will reduce automobile theft in Colorado. The Colorado Department of Public Safety through the Colorado State Patrol is responsible for management of the grant program.

CATPA Grant Procedures and Guiding Principles

The Board will support and use established application procedures, requirements, guiding principles, evaluation criteria and procedures for reviewing, evaluating and awarding grants. The Board:


1. shall solicit and review applications for grants pursuant to §42-5-112 (3)(a) C.R.S.

2. will use guiding principles, consistent with §42-5-112 (3)(b) C.R.S., to review applications.  These guiding principles include:

  • A geographical distribution and representation for a statewide impact to reduce auto theft.
  • Relevance to the incidence where auto theft crime is prevalent.
  • Significance to per capita auto theft incidence to protect the public from harm.
  • Priority to multi agency task force and programs.

3. will use criteria-based evaluation methodologies, described in the Grant Managers Guidance publication, including:

  • Technical Capacity
  • Management Capacity
  • Past Performance


Grant Criteria

Under statutory authority to combat vehicle theft in the State of Colorado, will consider applications for grants for theft prevention, enforcement, prosecution, training, or offender rehabilitation. Grants are subject to availability of funds.
By statute, the Board shall select grants that represent multiple jurisdictions and serve a variety of geographical areas. Programs may include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-agency law enforcement and national insurance crime bureau task force programs using proactive investigative methods to reduce the incidents of motor vehicle theft and related crimes and to increase apprehension of motor vehicle thieves and persons who attempt to defraud insurance companies in order to:
    • Direct proactive investigative and enforcement efforts toward the reduction of motor vehicle thefts.
    • Increase recoveries of stolen motor vehicles, including farm and construction equipment
    • Increase the arrests of perpetrators.
  • Programs that engage in crime prevention efforts, activities, and public awareness campaigns that are intended to reduce the public's victimization by motor vehicle theft, fraud, and related crimes.
  • Programs that provide or develop specialized training for motor vehicle theft investigations personnel, including but not limited to law enforcement personnel, county title and registration clerks, division of revenue title clerks, and port-of-entry officials, in order to enhance knowledge, skills, procedures, and systems to detect, prevent, and combat motor vehicle theft and fraud and related crimes.
  • Programs to provide for the support and maintenance of one or more dedicated prosecutors who have the specific mission and expertise to provide legal guidance and prosecutorial continuity to complex criminal cases arising from the activities of a multi-agency law enforcement program; and
  • Programs to prevent future criminal behavior by first time offenders who have been charged, convicted, or adjudicated for motor vehicle theft.

The FY2023 CATPA application is currently closed. Please find the FY2023 Grant Manager's Guide and Grant Application below. 


FY2023 Application Workshop


If you are a potential applicant for the FY2023, please contact Grants Manager, Kenya Lyons at