CATPA Grant Programs Available

CATPA has two grant programs available during FY23. Contact Grant Manager, Kenya Lyons, via email at for questions. 

Catalytic Converter Identification and Theft Prevention Grant Program

This Grant Application is now Closed.

The Catalytic Converter Identification and Theft Prevention Grant Program (CCITP) consistent with 8 C.C.R 1507-59, §24-33.5-230 grant opportunity is now closed for FY2023. There are no expected funds for FY2024 due to lack of funding.

Further CCITP information can be found here

Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority (CATPA) Grant Program

The Colorado General Assembly gave CATPA the authority to award grants to multi-agency auto theft prevention, enforcement, investigative and prosecution programs for the purpose of reducing motor vehicle theft in Colorado. CATPA awards approximately $5.7 million each year, contingent upon insurance assessment collections and available funding within the CATPA Cash Fund. The CATPA Board is committed to awarding grants that will reduce automobile theft in Colorado. The Colorado Department of Public Safety through the Colorado State Patrol is responsible for management of the grant program.

FY23 and FY24 CATPA Grant Documents.

The FY24 Grant Application is Closed.