Motorcycle & Autocycle Information


A motorcycle is an autocycle or a motor vehicle that uses handlebars or any other device connected to the front wheel to steer and that is designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground; except that the term does not include a farm tractor, low-speed electric vehicle, or low-power scooter.

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An autocycle is a three-wheeled motorcycle that does not use handlebars or any other device that is directly connected to a single front wheel to steer and in which the driver and each passenger ride in a fully or partly enclosed seating area that is equipped with safety belts for all occupants that constitute a safety belt system, as defined in section 42-4-237(1)(b).  For purposes of this subsection (7.5), “partly enclosed seating area” means a seating area that is entirely or partly surrounded on the sides by the frame or body but is not fully enclosed.

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