The Colorado State Patrol has a very diverse member knowledge base. The job of Trooper is not the only position for which the Patrol recruits. Communications Officers, Port of Entry Officers, Executive Security Officers and other important careers are vital positions within the Colorado State Patrol. The recruiters listed below will be able to help direct you to the career opportunities available within the Patrol. Information on CSP careers can be found by going to our Employment page.
The mission of the Colorado State Patrol Recruiting Team is to actively recruit the finest applicants through an impartial, standards based, selection process. The recruiting team works in conjunction with the backgound investigators to conduct rigorous, concise, in-depth background investigations utilizing professional law enforcement screening practices.

We do our very best to inform our applicants about our hiring process and the rewarding and stable career the Colorado State Patrol has to offer you. As you move along in our hiring process feel free to contact one of our recruiters at any time. Please view our Minimum Requirements page.

Below you will meet our entire team of recruiters. As you move along in the hiring process these are the people you will meet along your path to a new and exciting career.
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Master Trooper
Maurice Harris
District 1 and 2 Recruiter
1480 Quail Lake Loop
Colorado Springs, CO 80906


Master Trooper
Amy Engleman
District 4 and 5 Recruiter
109 E. Georgia, Suite 200
Gunnison, CO 81230


Trooper Alisha Danko
Metro Denver and
District 3 Recruiter
15055 S. Golden Road
Golden, CO 80401



Please sign up for our email list above to obtain answers to most of your questions regarding our hiring process. The quickest way to correspond with us is to respond to those emails, or you may also contact us directly on this site by clicking the flag on the side of this window. The first recruiter to receive the message will reply. We are usually out recruiting, but if we are away, leave a message and we will contact you upon our return.