Curriculum Overview Grades 9-12


9.1  GDL & Distracted Driving: Students vote “with their feet” to respond to questions on Graduated Driver License requirements. Comprehensive Health HS 4.10

9.2  Social and Emotional Wellness: Group discussion on emotional well-being, how to recognize the signs and symptoms of people who are struggling emotionally and what to do if you suspect someone might harm themselves. Comprehensive Health HS 4.6

10.1  Seat Belt Safety: Students use critical thinking skills to devise rationale for why someone would choose not to wear their seatbelt. Comprehensive Health HS 4.10

10.2  Road Conditions and Vehicle Safety: Students work together in cooperative groups to analyze the similarities and differences of four items related to road conditions or vehicle safety. Comprehensive Health HS 4.10

10.3  Newton’s Laws for Car Crashes: Students are introduced to Newton’s Three Laws of Motion and its relationship to automobile crashes. Comprehensive Health HS 4.10

11.1  Defensive Driving: Students work in cooperative teams to problem solve scenarios in which they must utilize defensive driving skills. Comprehensive Health HS 4.10

11.2  Social and Emotional Wellness: Students examine the traits of a good driver — one of which is good emotional health. Comprehensive Health HS 3.1

11.3  Distracted Driving: Students analyze the behaviors of four teens — considering which behaviors contributed to the distraction of a driver. Comprehensive Health HS 4.10

12.1  Driving Under the Influence: Students learn how drugs or alcohol could influence their goals. Comprehensive Health HS 4.4

12.2  Legal Rights and Responsibilities: Question and answer session on Colorado law and the rights of minors. Social Studies HS 4.1

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