Curriculum Overview Grades 6-8


6.1  Bullying: Students play a mimicking game to discuss peer pressure and bullying. Comprehensive Health 6.4.3

6.2  Gun Safety Choices: Students are provided with five sets of statements about guns and gun safety. Comprehensive Health 6.4.3

6.3  Good Choices for Dealing with Stress: Story about a sixth-grade student who faces some challenges and how he chooses to deal with the stresses. Comprehensive Health 6.3.1

7.1  Internet Safety: The disparity in a message that travels from one person to the next, sets the stage for a whole group discussion on communication rules for the internet. During the 2016 legislative session, the Colorado General Assembly passed House Bill 16-1198 requiring CDE to develop academic standards for computer science for secondary students.

7.2  Constructive Handling of Conflict: Students battle common misunderstandings on conflict resolution. Comprehensive Health 7.3.2

7.3  Responsible Passengers: Students participate in a role-play scenario about being a responsible passenger in a vehicle. Comprehensive Reading, Writing & Communicating 7.2.2

7.4  Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs: In partner group discussion, students will examine the social, economic, health and cosmetic consequences of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. Comprehensive Health 7.4.1

8.1  Being a Good Witness: Students are asked to recall details of a scene from memory and/or analyze what they believe happened based on the evidence at the scene. Social Studies 8.4.1

8.2  Recognizing Signs of Emotional Trouble: Students are asked to decide what they think should happen based on the newspaper account. Comprehensive Health 8.3.1

8.3  You and the Law: This lesson is a question and answer session on Colorado law and the rights of minors. Social Studies 8.4.2

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