Curriculum Overview Grades 3-5


3.1  Being Safe at Home and School: An animated video in which guests on a talk show articulate various kind of emergencies. Comprehensive Health 3.4.3

3.2  Role of the Colorado State Trooper: The trooper interviews a panel of students on safety at home, school and in the community. Comprehensive Social Studies 3.4.2

3.3  Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: Students will perform a group poem. Comprehensive Health 3.4.3

3.4  Gun Safety: Students participate in a game of Tic-Tac-Know! in which they must answer questions about gun safety to advance their team’s "X" or "O". Comprehensive Health 3.4.3

4.1  Conflict and Bullying: Students learn about teasing, conflict and bullying behaviors through a read-aloud story. Comprehensive Health 4.4.3

4.2  Drugs and Medicine: As students learn about drugs and medicines, they complete a logic diagram. Comprehensive Health 4.4.1

4.3  Making a Difference: A letter from George Washington Carver to his students is shared, in which Carver provides virtues he believes are important for them to embrace. Comprehensive Social Studies 4.4.1 & Reading Writing and Communicating 4.3.3

5.1  Responsible Passengers: Students participate in a scenario about being a good passenger. Comprehensive Health 5.4

5.2  Rules, Laws, Rights and Responsibilities: Students play a game with no rules to illustrate the importance of rules, laws, rights and responsibilities. Comprehensive Social Studies 5.4.1

5.3  Internet Safety: A board game format is used to discuss ways to be safe on the internet. Comprehensive Health 5.3

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