Central Records Unit

The Colorado State Patrol Central Records Unit (CRU) is responsible for the retention of Colorado State Patrol (CSP) Criminal Justice Records, as well as the release of information to the public, other law enforcement agencies, and insurance companies. 

Colorado State Patrol Headquarters

Central Records Unit

700 Kipling Street

Lakewood, Colorado 80215

    Phone:  (303) 239-4180   Fax:   (303) 239-4347

Email:  cdps_csprecords@state.co.us


The hours of operation:

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday

**Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays**

All requests for records must be submitted on the appropriate Colorado State Patrol Request Form. Each corresponding form must be filled out completely and the pecuniary gain statement must be signed (section 7) pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute §24-72-305.5. *Please note we will not process any requests until a signed request form and the appropriate fee or deposit have been received* The fee is based on the original page count for each case file and might not reflect what is deemed releasable. Report fee's and costs for production have been approved under Colorado Revised Statute §24-72-306 and based on determination in accordance with the Colorado Department of Public Safety and Colorado State Patrol Policies. The cost is as follows; $5.00 for the first 10 pages and each additional page is $0.25 cents per page. The completed request form for records may be mailed, faxed, e-mailed, or filled out in person at the Colorado State Patrol Headquarters. Records are not always available for release immediately and depending on the type of record requested it may take 10-14 days or longer depending upon various factors.  

Basic Crash Report  is a report made on a specific accident/crash and is reported to the Department of Revenue utilizing the Colorado Department of Revenue Form DR2447.  This is the basic crash information only and does not include any witness statement, digital media or other elements of a crash investigation (See Complete Case  Request form below).  Children’s Code C.R.S. §19-1-304(2) (a) prohibits the release of juvenile identities involved in accidents. Unless the requestor meets statutory guidelines concerning eligibility of juvenile information, all reports will be redacted concerning their information.  Accident Reports can be requested by mail, or walk in; if paying by credit card, they can also be submitted by email or fax. 

Complete Case file  - is the entire investigation and does include if obtained; witness statements; digital media or other elements of a crash investigation. Release of Case File reports and/or redaction of information contained within the report are dependent on a variety of circumstances such as, but not limited to, status of the investigation and completion of judicial proceedings in Colorado Court and the Children's Code. 

Photographs - Are digital evidence of accident investigations. To order photographs you will need to verify the availability of the photographs by calling 303-239-4180 prior to submitting your request. You must know the case number and/or the name(s) of the driver(s) involved.  Any photos deemed to be graphic in nature will not released without written authorization from an immediate family member. 

Dash Cam  - is the digital video evidence from dash camera of the CSP patrol car. Availability must be obtained prior to processing request. 

Dispatch Audio / Dispatch Detailed Incident Report - is the Radio communication between the dispatcher and the Troopers. The detailed incident report is a printout of that communication.  


The CSP Records Unit does not maintain court dispositions on arrests. If this type of information is required, please contact the appropriate county court or visit www.cocourts.com to obtain case disposition.

If you require a statewide background check, please contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at (303) 239-4300 or at  www.cbirecordscheck.com.


Credit Card services are made possible under the authority of Colorado Statewide Internet Portal Authority as designated in statute CRS 24.37.7-101, and are subject to an e-commerce portal pricing.   


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